Inclusive IT Sector in Macedonia

   The workshop “Inclusive IT Sector” in Macedonia is a part of the USAID’s project for Social inclusion through technology, and it is implemented by the iVote Foundation in cooperation with the civic association “Open the Windows” and the “Association of youth and students with disability”.

   The USAID’s project for Social inclusion through technology aims to support the young people with different type of disability to join the labor market, especially in the fast - growing IT Sector. In particular, it aims to develop new vocational trainings for young people with disabilities that include e-learning and internship in companies, as well as greater inclusion and increased participation of young people with disabilities in the ICT sector in Macedonia.


Date and time: Friday, 09 March, 2017, 12:00-16:00
Place: Public Room, Skopje, Macedonia
Welcome speeches - Edward Gonzalez, USAID and Anita Nikova, MASIT
Marija Armenski, iVote Foundation - Presentation of the project "Social Inclusion through technology"
Magdalena Dimkova Velevska, “Open the windows” Inclusive IT sector – Mercy or social inclusion
ESA Incentives for employment of disabled persons
Coffee chats with Bojan Georgievski, Milica Trpeska, Daniela Stojanovska
Questions and answers

Event Photos