Call out to all organizations! Be a part of the moment when all Europe sends the same massage at the same time!

Register на овој here and support the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 campaign!

The iVote foundation as a national partner of the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 invites you to be a part of this campaign!

This is an annual digital and encouraging campaign that connects 100.000 people from Europe on an existing online and offline events trying to influence on the digital transformation and its effects. The Campaign encourages people to use the new technologies and internet with the skills that provide them access to the great amount of possibilities in the online world. It is organized every year in March.

This year the ALL DIGITAL Week is held starting from the 19th to the 25th of March in great number of schools, organizations, public institutions and educational centers across Europe.

The organizations that are interested to support this campaign or they have already planned events in March on this specific topic and want to become collaborators, they can send an e-mail with their information on to start a collaboration.

The collaborators can do the following:
  • put the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 logo on their web pages as collaborators and supporters
  • organize different events or held the already planned events in March under the ALL DIGITAL Week 2018 logo as collaborators of the iVote foundation (all participants get Certificates)
  • take photos, videos and make short stories for the campaign and the participants.

The best photographs and videos will be sent to the European network ALL DIGITAL. The best photographs, videos and the most active collaborators will get presents!