Albania’s Election Modernization Continues in 2014


The iVote Foundations’s leading IT experts and architects were involved in the new modules for the integrated elections management system that will leverage the 2015 local elections in Albania. The project for modernization of the election processes in Albania is financed by USAID and managed by “Assist Impact”, a non-profit organization that is in cooperative agreement with USAID. The project started in April, 2014 and now began its final phase with delivering of the system.

The upgraded election system renders intuitive, user-friendly experience for the users. Customized modules have been developed. The transfer of election data is secured with the latest available technologies, providing trustworthy, transparent election results and reports. Modules will provide automation and ease of many processes such as: tracking, management of Election Day functions, results consolidation, audit, investigation and internal reports and Election Night Reporting – ENR (Official Web Site for Results). System administrators have access to the dash board where they can follow various statistical data and diagrams for the progress of entry results, turnout and last activity of all entry operators. Import of all election data has been optimized making processing stage more efficient and faster.

Public will follow preliminary live results at many portable devices including PC-s, tablets and mobile phones.

Likewise, e-learning management system with new upgraded courses is tailored as an essential part of the integrated election management system. Using the LMS, CEC staff will enhance their skills and knowledge through interactive learning modules. The system supports online courses, video lessons, conference tools, peer-to-peer communication methods, different format of learning materials, e-tests and quizzes.