The iVote Foundation has recently completed the design and the implementation of an election information and results management program for the 21st of June, 2015 local elections in Albania.

The project, managed by Assist Impact and funded by USAID, was conceived in April, 2014 to provide the Albanian Central Election Commission with a technological means to manage local elections following a complex process of administrative-territorial reform in the country. This system transmits election result data from the counting centers to the CEC central server, validates results entry, and publishes data in real time to the public website. The system also included new features such as aggregating turnout data by gender, generating mandates in accordance with the new gender quota for local councils, and counting and recording valid votes cast in the wrong ballot box – a controversy that plagued the 2011 elections.

On election night, residents in each of the newly established municipalities were able to follow the Mayoral and Council preliminary results online and via various media outlets that were transmitting the results from the system.