Restoring trust and confidence in the election process 2 is a continuation of the similar project implemented previously. It is co-funded by NED foundation (National Endowment of Democracy) and US Embassy in Macedonia and aimed to increase awareness of electoral processes in Macedonia, instill greater confidence in electoral processes overall, and contribute to the acceptance of outcomes.

As a continuation of the previous project, additional seven animated videos were produced. The topics covered by these videos are related to election process in local elections, voting process on Election Day, the validity of voting ballot, what happens if someone else is signed at your name in the voting register when you vote on the Election Day and voting of citizens temporary living or working abroad. All videos have been produced in Macedonian language, and subtitled in Albanian language as well. The videos will be part of an overall media campaign planned to be aired prior the Local Election, autumn 2017.

Videos and link to the YouTube channel are given below: