The overall project goal was assisting young people with disabilities enter the workforce in Macedonia, specifically in the fast growing Information Technology (IT) sector, and to help disabled persons' organizations (DPOs) to improve the employment-related skills of youth with disabilities by utilizing and operating the HUB IT! online training platform of and for persons with disabilities.
The project is focused on the following:
  • Developing new vocational training modalities for young people with disabilities that combined online  training and practical training in companies.
  • Promoting inclusive integration and increased participation of young people with disabilities in the IT sector in Macedonia.  
  • Improving the spectrum of services that DPOs working with young people with disabilities offer in the area of workforce inclusion and job skills training.

Result 1

A platform with a bundle of IT, soft skills, and business knowledge courses fully accessible for persons with different types of disabilities.

The development of a highly accessible online platform on Macedonian and Albanian language that will have fully accessible online courses was crucial for the equipping the persons with disabilities with needed skills. In total 20 accessible courses were developed that enabled trainees more direct and collaborative way of learning. 

Result 2

Increased awareness of the potential of persons with disabilities and their improved integration in companies from the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

The awareness regarding attracting persons with disabilities is very low in Macedonia. The biggest problem is stereotyping that they cannot perform like the rest. Due to the low rate of participating companies, the CoP along with the team members held individual meetings with 71 companies from Macedonia. Also, the project team was involved in the 25 interviews helping the potential interns better present themselves.

Result 3

Persons with disabilities gained internship experience

Companies in Macedonia possess very low level of sensitivity towards employing and hosting interns people with disabilities. Working on the awareness issue was the key in the process of persuading the companies in accepting the interns. Also, the current legislative for internship is quite obsolete. So, for the purpose of supporting the persons with disabilities in conducting the internship practice, SIT signed Memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and State Labor Inspectorate and gained wide media outreach that ease the process and the will for internship placements. In total 20 internships by 16 interns were conducted during the project lifecycle in 14 companies.

Result 4

Persons with disabilities gained employment in the IT sector

IT sector in Macedonia is the only sector with the highest turnover rate of employees. The internship practices conducted were initial steps towards creating new employments for these people. As a result, 9 new jobs were created during the project lifecycle in 8 companies.