Furthering Inclusion of Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations

The iVote Foundation approaches every project with the principles of inclusion and access for everyone equally. We have been at the forefront of incorporating features for users with visual disabilities into our computer based activities and solutions. We also work to advance rights and needs of ethnic, linguistic and other minority groups in public participation by working with communities such as Roma for better access to government services. We have also made all the training and management programs available in minority languages.

Advancing the Capacity of Civil Society through Skills Building and Application of Technologies

Our philosophy states that better government service delivery is often driven by competition from the civil society sector. By helping such groups observe democratic processes and monitoring government performance with the application of new technologies and efficiencies, iVote Foundation can be a catalyst in that process. iVote Foundation’s technology-driven approach enables us to improve CSOs capacities to achieve their mandates by offering training and instruction in a range of IT, web and communications management skills.

Providing Expert Professional Services and Analytical Research on Emerging Issues

The iVote Foundation’s experts provide expertise in IT and analytical services in response to emerging needs around the world. We frequently advise on election management systems, procurement systems, web-site development, e-learning systems and other initiatives of governments and the international community. By conducting analytical research, the iVote Foundation contributes to the understanding and debate of key governance, social, economic and cultural conditions and developments in the country and wider region, and advances best practices and emerging trends in electoral and democracy programming.

Creating and Maintaining Management Systems to improve Public Service Delivery

The iVote Foundation has a proven track record of helping governments design, develop and maintain innovative information management systems to improve governance and service delivery to citizens. We work with election commissions to introduce transparency into the process of realization of information on political parties and candidates, election organization and results. Our team have also helped election commissions through the creation of human resources and results management systems, reports generating solutions and data analysis.

Training and Capacity Building of Public Officials

Ivote foundation and its staff have trained thousands of government and political party officials in the areas of information systems management, web-platform design, election management, data entry, voter registration, e-assessment, strategic planning and project management. Our approach uses modern-day teaching and training methodologies and “learning by doing”, as we focus on simulation testing, case studies and self-guided learning through on-line resources. To date, we have developed web-based learning systems for election commissioners, civil servants, banks, educational institutions and private companies.